Callys Caves 3


An excellent 'old school' platform game


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Callys Caves 3 is a 2D platform game where you play Cally, a girl whose parents have been kidnapped by the evil Professor Herbert. Your mission here, of course, is to save them and mess up Herbert’s plans.

The controls in Callys Caves 3 are the traditional ones you usually find in this genre: you can move your character towards the left or the right, jump and attack with your gun or sword. In all, you can use more than a dozen different weapons and each one of them has its own features and unique effects.

Callys Caves 3 is an amazing ‘old-school’ platformer that will remind you of the classic 16-bit games. The controls are also really precise and well adapted to touchscreens.

Requires Android 2.3 or higher